Capital Ideas, part 2

Paddy Shows Ethan Canada’s Capital City of Ottawa, ON

Tools Need Batteries

a Paddy the Beaver Eco Builder episode

Fountain of Truth

Paddy and Ethan Eagle at the National Mall in Washington

Welcome to the U.S.A., Paddy! Captain Nemo has transported Paddy the Beaver to the National Mall in Washington, DC for a new mission. Paddy will have to work with Ethan Eagle – another Agent of Nemo – and get to know each other. They'll also get to know the people, places, history and sites of the United States.

They have a lot to talk about. Canada is the United States' second largest trading partner, with almost $600 BILLION dollars of goods going across the longest undefended border in the world. As Nemo says, "We need to remove the barriers between us, to understand each other better."