Fountain of Truth

Paddy and Ethan Eagle at the National Mall in Washington

What Is A Battery?

An Ecology Science Toon

Tools Need Batteries

a Paddy the Beaver Eco Builder episode

In partnership with: EcoKids, Call2Recycle

Way up where the Laughing Brook splashes into the Ottawa River, the little people of the Smiling Pool came to see Paddy cut down trees for his beaver dam. They saw Paddy working hard, with a little electric chainsaw to cut down trees for the wood. They saw Paddy with an electric nail gun. He nailed the wood together to make a wall! He had a little flashlight and a headlamp, and he worked all through the night. After a while of this, suddenly everything stopped.

Paddy was confused. Why wasn't anything working? He heard a laugh. It was his friend Jerry Muskrat, leaning on a cut down log. Jerry gave Paddy the Answer: what do you think it was?

Join Paddy The Beaver as he makes things, and discovers about how the things we build interact with waterways, nature and ecology, in his series "Eco Builder!"