WATCH: Jerry Looks At The Sunny Side (featuring Chatterer The Red Squirrel)

Posted on: Friday, October 10, 2014

Jerry Muskrat needs to refuel, so he gets a special food delivery at Sunnyside Beach in Toronto.

Chatterer the Red Squirrel races through High Park to collect the park's most delicious invasive species for his friend. Chatterer the Red Squirrel is an expert in all trees, bushes, plants... and what you can eat from them!

Join Jerry as he rows his way through the cities, towns and parks of the Great Lakes and Saint Lawrence Seaway in his series "The Greatest Lakes – a Jerry Muskrat™ Adventure!"

Jerry has packed his bags, rendered a raft, and is travelling through the world's largest freshwater Lake System. Did you know the Great Lakes hold over half of the world's fresh water? They are the heart of Canada and America's population and industry, and Jerry is going to meet the people, animals, and towns that make it happen.

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