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Paddy the Beaver

Paddy the Beaver in "The Big Oyster"

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Paddy the Beaver in "The Big Oyster"
Paddy the Beaver Chapter 1: Paddy the Beaver Begins Work
Paddy the Beaver Chapter 2: Paddy Plans a Pond
Paddy the Beaver in "Tools Need Batteries"
"What Is A Battery?": An Ecology Science Toon
Paddy the Beaver in "Where do all the Batteries go?
Paddy the Beaver Chapter 3: Paddy Has Many Visitors
Paddy the Beaver in "Unwanted Visitors!"
Invasive Species:  What is a Round Goby?
Paddy the Beaver Chapter 4:  Sammy Jay Speaks His Mind
Paddy the Beaver Chapter 5: Paddy Keeps His Promise
Paddy the Beaver Chapter 6: Farmer Brown's Boy Grows Curious
Paddy the Beaver Chapter 7: Farmer Browns Boy Gets Another Surprise
Paddy the Beaver Chapter 8: Ryder Rabbit Gets a Ducking
Why you should get vaccinated!
Paddy the Beaver Chapter 9: Paddy Plans a House
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Meet Paddy the Beaver

Paddy The Beaver is an enterprising, hard-working, and all-Canadian animal.  He creates a dam in the where the Laughing Brook meets the Smiling pool, and worries the other animals that the water will not reach the main River.  

But Paddy is a master engineer and monitors the water flow perfectly.

A plainspoken beaver, Paddy does not take any guff and tells it like it is.  When he's not working he likes to whittle a stick with his teeth and watch the river.

Inspired by the works of groundbreaking environmentalist children's book writer Thornton Burgess, these stories, games, educational materials teach kids about the beavers living in rivers, ponds, lakes and other wetland environments in a near-boreal region.

Paddy lives with his animal friends in the world of Animazia: the amazing story of animals.